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The Meaning of Partnership

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The Meaning of Partnership

The word partnership is often used casually in our profession, to the point where it has become a clichˇ for clients and consultants alike. That is unfortunate. Our experience over the past two decades clearly demonstrates that a strong partnership between the client and the executive search consultant is more likely to result in a successful search. Delfino & Parker's role, as a partner, includes five essential elements.


The principals of the firm are engaged in every phase and aspect of a search assignment. The principals personally control the level of quality and service throughout the entire process, from initial consultation to the start date of the successful candidate.


We dedicate considerable time and effort to develop a thorough understanding of a client's business environment and needs. We place a high priority on ensuring that a search is conducted within the proper business context.


We are not simply order takers and transaction agents. Based on our extensive industry experience, as well as the ongoing research conducted by the firm, we provide considerable value to clients through well-considered suggestions, recommendations and insights.


We make a point of communicating with clients in a prompt and forthright manner throughout all phases of a search.


We understand that our clients are exceptionally busy individuals whose time is valuable. As a result, we introduce clients only to candidates who meet clearly defined criteria and have fully satisfied our rigorous interview and evaluation process.

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