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Managing The Risk of an Executive Search

The risk that the search specifications are not totally on-target, and therefore do not accurately represent the person or people the company needs.

At Delfino & Parker, we work with clients to develop highly detailed search specifications that are fully consistent with the company's needs and the realities of the current marketplace.

The risk that the assignment will not be handled by senior professionals who have the experience and expertise to achieve effective results.

Every single assignment accepted by Delfino & Parker is managed by the principals, each of whom has well over 25 years of industry experience. The experience and credibility of our professionals are especially important for clients who place a premium on how their company is represented to candidates. Superior candidates respond to search consultants who, in addition to being articulate and discreet, can demonstrate a true understanding of the client's organization.

The risk that the search will "get lost" among many other assignments handled by the executive search firm.

Delfino & Parker has always based its business on accepting quality assignments from a limited number of repeat clients. Our business is not predicated on volume; we view every assignment as strategically important to our own future growth. As a result, we bring a high level of attention to every search.

The risk that the search firm does not truly understand the client's business.

As a firm, Delfino & Parker has a highly-defined financial services and e-commerce focus. For decades, each of the principals, as well as our professional staff, has specialized in the industries we serve.

The risk that the search will not be completed in a timely manner, resulting in business dislocation.

At Delfino & Parker, we appreciate the virtue of speed. Our normal operating procedure is to engage in a comprehensive search at an accelerated pace. The firm is structured to be nimble, without the distractions of bureaucracy or volume overload.

The risk that the search firm will be unable to locate the most promising candidates.

Delfino & Parker has a full complement of search tools and methodologies. This includes a vast, proprietary database of e-commerce and financial services professionals and other industry contacts culled from the principals' extensive background in this business. We conduct in-house primary research, and have access to third-party databases and research organizations. Moreover, we possess the background and insights to know where best to look for promising candidates and are willing to expend the effort that quality research demands.

The risk that the search firm is unable to convince strong candidates to meet with the client.

Superior candidates are almost never interested, initially, in leaving their current positions. Persuasion is one of the cornerstones of the search process, and often spells the difference between success and failure. For over two decades, the principals have excelled at convincing high-level executives to consider new opportunities and the numerous benefits of the right career change.

The risk that the candidates do not truly have the experience that is represented on their resumes.

Delfino & Parker performs detailed background checks on serious candidates, including in-depth interviews with industry contacts, wherever possible.

The risk that the search firm presents candidates who will not be a good cultural fit.

Delfino & Parker is sensitive to the cultural characteristics of a client's organization, and matches these attributes with the personality traits, attitudes and work habits of the search candidates. Cultural attributes are oftentimes as important as capabilities, and we make every effort to ensure that the "chemistry" is right for all parties before an offer is made.

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