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The Delfino & Parker Seven Step Process

Determine Precise Needs

Delfino & Parker performs extensive due diligence to understand the position to be filled, the internal and external relationships governing the job function, the culture of the company, and other pertinent issues. This often necessitates our meeting with key decision-makers in the client organization.

Create Detailed Specifications

Working closely with the client, Delfino & Parker creates highly detailed search specifications that outline the target candidate's qualifications, experience and compensation package. These specifications also detail our strategy for identifying likely sources of eligible candidates and include a projected timeline.

Identify and Contact Candidates

Delfino & Parker builds a comprehensive slate of attractive candidates, utilizing our wide-ranging contacts in the industry. These include prospects we know personally, as well as individuals and organizations familiar with the universe we are targeting. When appropriate, we also employ other research methodologies and tools to identify candidates and referral sources. The most qualified candidates are contacted to gain an understanding of their capabilities and current career plans and to introduce them to the opportunity.

Present High-Potential Candidates

A detailed description of the candidates is presented to the client, including our assessment of their strengths and weaknesses and ability to excel at the designated position.

Arrange Client Interviews

Under direction from the client, Delfino & Parker arranges interviews between the client and the strongest candidates, and consults with the client to select a finalist.

Conduct Reference Checks

Upon the selection of a successful candidate, Delfino & Parker conducts a final background review with independent sources. Each candidate's character and qualifications are cross-referenced through our industry contacts. We seek to verify that the individual's past achievements can be attributed, in large measure, to his or her individual performance.

Support Candidate Transition

Following the candidate's acceptance of an offer, we work closely with that individual to develop an exit strategy and are available to both the management and the candidate to help facilitate a smooth transition.

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